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07 June 2011 @ 08:21 pm
So after 4 days, I’m here writing my fanaccount/experience regarding 2NE1′s “mini-concert” in Manila called THE PARTY. Better late than never, ayt? [nod]
I initially wanted to go to The Party just barely on time because I don’t want to get tired or tired-looking when the actual concert is happening. But I got pretty excited and plus my fangirl buddy and seatmate Asrai was already there by lunch so I went there at that early in time. So yeah, I did my makeup and all before going but I ended up looking haggard at the time of the concert. #ohnoes#

So when I arrived, we tried to look around at the FIESTA, which was a pre-event thing where a bunch of sellers are selling 2ne1 and other k-pop merchandise. To be honest, I was not really interested because I’m more interested in official merchandise etc. d; Besides, Asrai had already bought me an I love Bom banner. #love# Bom is goddess-like y/y? Especially when they arrived in Manila, the pictures taken showed she was nothing but GORGEOUS! [heart] But I love all the girls, k? |3

So after checking the fiesta a bit, we went to the YGLadies meetup. I initially don’t want to go but I came anyway because Asrai was going anyway. We met some fellow BLACKJACKS and talked quite a bit then Asrai made a headband fansign or whatever you want to call it:

It was supposed to be glow in the dark but it didn’t glow. /sad2 Fast forward to the actual concert, it was 3 hours long. I think it was 2.5 hours front acts and then 30 minutes of 2NE1. You’d probably think “what? just 30 minutes of 2ne1? So bitin blah blah blah”. I thought I’d be disappointed too but surprisingly, I was not disappointed. The front acts were amazing – well except for the first one. I think they’re called Techy Romantics? First, I don’t like the kind of music they were playing. Second, I can’t freaking understand the vocalist’s words. She was like eating the words. I think no one paid attention to them. :lookaround: Then Christian Bautista came and believe me, he was so AMAZING. I’m a fan btw since Star in A Million and I can’t believe that I already saw him perform live! #crazy# I’m proud of my fellow blackjacks for not booing him. We even sang along with him and a group (I think a bit above me) screamed “I love you Christian!!!”. I am so happy for him. [blush]
I’m not sure which came next then, the Bloomfields or or… LUNITA FARK. LOL Giselle Sanchez did a Standup comedy as Lunita Fark, half Korean half Bisaya. XD She entered the stage from below and had her back on us. She was wearing Dara’s palm tree hair while playing Can’t Nobody. I really thought it was 2NE1! (Well come to think of it Dara wouldn’t show up during CL’s lines.) I even stood up and screamed like crazy. LOL So embarrassing… #blush# Her “Please Don’t Go… Go Away… Please Don’t Go… Go Away…” bit was really funny. /laugh Back to Bloomfields, their songs were great and I think I became an instant fan! The drummer looks a bit like Seungri of Big Bang tho in some angles, he reminded me of Nino of Arashi.
Then Callalily started to peform and the crowd went crazy! I think they were the best front act at THE PARTY. Kean confessed that he’s a Dara fanboy, wore an I love Dara shirt and sang to A Dara poster. LOL ! He wa so.. krung krung. haha He toured the dome while performing and walked up to some spots. He walked up near our seats and I saw a closer glimpse of him. ♥_♥ Kean requested some lightstick magic from us and I can’t believe my eyes! The sea of lightsticks is so AMAZING. BEAUTIFUL. /heart /sparkle

Not mine, credits to the owner.

After that, it was 2NE1′s turn! The fire alarm thingy was so long, my excitement just build up more. When they showed up, everybody went uber crazy, including me! I think I felt like I was possessed or something at that time. I felt like I wasn’t being myself. BUT I just can’t believe I was actually seeing them perform live. Not just DREAM COME TRUE for Dara. But for me as well. I felt teary eyed most of the time and felt GOOSEBUMPS. Especially when I hear the whole crowd, including me, singing along with the girls. BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE SO FAR. Super duper memorable. I want to see them again. Next time, I’ll buy a VIP ticket!

Asrai took some fancams. Of course, it’s from our spot so it’s our POVs in the fancam.