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#Nine - Custom LJ layout after a long time (prolly since S1 styles era?)

Ohohoho. I made a custom LJ theme for this LJ of mine after what,  years. I remember there was a time when almost all of my LJ friends had customized layout using S1 styles. Do you remember that time as well? Now, S2 is more popular and I think most people just look for free css codes for their LJs. I was supposed to look for one but I got inspire or motivated - actually procrastinated. XD I'm in the middle of coding a theme for work but I didn't feel like continuing it yesterday  and had the urge to code for my own websites instead and not for others. I followed that urge and now I'm still fighting procrastination. I need to finish that theme, asap!

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Sho - Awesome


So after 4 days, I’m here writing my fanaccount/experience regarding 2NE1′s “mini-concert” in Manila called THE PARTY. Better late than never, ayt? [nod]
I initially wanted to go to The Party just barely on time because I don’t want to get tired or tired-looking when the actual concert is happening. But I got pretty excited and plus my fangirl buddy and seatmate Asrai was already there by lunch so I went there at that early in time. So yeah, I did my makeup and all before going but I ended up looking haggard at the time of the concert. #ohnoes#Collapse )